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Nature photography by John Langley ARPS & Tracy Langley ARPS

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Poland - May 2006

In May 2006 we visited the home of wildlife photographer and conservationist Marek Borkowski in Poland.

We spent the whole week on foot around the Biebrza marshes and were welcomed as part of Marek’s family, excellently catered for by his wife Hanya and very well entertained by their three lovely children.

Early starts were the order of the day - up at 4am to catch the light

An added bonus of the early starts - a pebble-hook moth

Chequered Skipper butterfly

Red-backed shrikes were nesting by the river

The song of the great reed warbler could not be missed

Whinchats were feeding in the meadows

Spotted flycatchers were nesting in the eaves of Marek's house

Hoopoe were nesting underneath the cottage we were staying in

White storks grazed and caught frogs in the meadow

The wild Tarpan horses enjoyed galloping through the meadows & woods

Scarce chaser dragonflies frequented a pool in the meadow

Brown hare

Lesser-spotted woodpeckers were raising young in a tree outside Marek's house