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Nature photography by John Langley ARPS & Tracy Langley ARPS

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Mull - January 2014

We visited Mull last summer and enjoyed its rugged coast and wildlife so much that when we were offered the chance to return we jumped at it. We didn’t know how much wildlife action there would be in the winter, out of the sea-eagle breeding season and the red deer rut but we were amazed by how many otters we saw. Last summer we only had a few brief sightings of single otters. This time, despite the gales and wet weather, we managed to see several families with two and three youngsters. We also managed to follow and watch them for hours on end as they fished and played out to sea. On a couple of occasions we were spellbound as they brought larger catches to the shore to devour safely on dry land.

The best weather we had was during the ferry crossing from Oban to Craignure

A lovely sunset greeted us at our cottage

Decaying fishing boats looked atmospheric on a stormy day

A buzzard surveyed the sea from a rocky outcrop

Three fishermen

Most of our time was spent with one family of otters

- a mum and her very small cub, which she kept well hidden most of the time

“Supper for one” - mum wasn’t going to share this large fish

Resting after supper

Otters perform a lot of grooming to keep their fur in good condition after all those salt-water dips

The little cub was quite young and tired easily so mum left it in the

seaweed whilst she went off on a long fishing expedition

After about an hour’s separation the young cub was pleased to see its mother, especially carrying supper

Their re-union was quite frantic and the cub got a little over-excited, but a wee nip from mum calmed him down