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The Arctic - September 2009

In September 2009 we cruised on a small ship north from Longyearbyen, Norway, into the pack ice of the arctic in search of polar bears. We were fortunate to have several encounters with bears, often at close quarters. Arctic foxes and walruses were a surprise bonus.  

Our thanks to Pete and Mark of Northshots for organising the trip and to Norbert Rosing and Rinie van Meurs for their expert polar bear knowledge and spotting skills.

Glaucus gulls


Arctic fox

Arctic fox (blue phase)

The arctic foxes don’t stay long once the polar bear is on their trail

Camera shy !

Playing with an ice cube in front of a glacier

“Calving” - a glacier front crashes down


Iceberg dead ahead !

If the world is round, will we fall off the edge !